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How long it takes to buy property in the UK

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

How long it takes to buy a home in the UK is a common question from first-time buyers. It takes about five to six months to secure a new home, which could take longer because of the conveyancing process. It is only an estimate, but this article will take you through the variables that come into play when looking to buy property. Finding the Perfect Property

Finding the house of your dreams could be one factor affecting your timeline. Buyers have different preferences because a buyer may find a house within a day. There is no yardstick to confirm how long it would take to find a home, but it’s recommended that buyers look for areas with a large number of listings to find as many options as possible.

Getting a Mortgage

The first step would be to get a mortgage, the first documents you should get to begin your quest for a house. Obtaining a mortgage, in principle, could take you less than 24 hours. The basic procedure is to have your documents in order before searching for a house. The mortgage, in principle, is to get the process underway, but obtaining a mortgage could take between three to six weeks.


When buying a home, it’s important to have a conveyancing solicitor. They are professionals who have the expertise to handle conveyancing matters, and you cannot do without one. Find someone reputable because it is a complex process, and you wouldn’t want hiccups. The timescale for the conveyancing process takes two to three months, and inexperienced solicitors may cause further delays if they miss a step.

Several firms deal with conveyancing. You will find ample options on the internet and see their portfolios on their website. When looking for a solicitor, you should also ask for recommendations from your estate agent or a trusted colleague.

Conduct a Survey

When you have chosen a house, it’s important to survey the area. You need to know the property’s boundaries and the house’s location on the map. Buying a property without a survey would be reckless and one of the biggest mistakes during the transaction.

First, you need to hire the services of a licensed surveyor who will locate the boundaries and draw a proper report. You could also ask for recommendations from your solicitor. The report should be forwarded to your solicitor after it’s completed. The report could take between two to three weeks to be processed.


You need to communicate with your vendor regularly during the transaction. Be available to answer any questions to avoid any delays during the process. Encourage everyone involved to communicate to avoid misunderstandings.

Arrange your building insurance

Getting your insurance in order needs to be done before you exchange contracts, and it’s usually a requirement when applying for a mortgage. It takes time to get the insurance, so it is important to get the documents because your wholesale might fall through without them.

Exchanging Contracts

When you have all your documents in order, which include completing the relevant searches, having your mortgage ready and an approved survey that gives your property a clean bill of health.

Once all documents are in place, the solicitors for the two parties should exchange contracts. The exchange of contracts shows an agreement has been reached and should happen 14 days before the completion date. Exchanging the contracts also signifies the beginning of the purchase process and how fast the buyer purchases the property depends on their contracts and situations.

Completion day

The completion day is when the buyer is handed full ownership of the parties. After exchanging contracts, ensure the completion stage has been agreed upon between the parties. Once everything is done, and the purchase pricefully paid, it’s time to get the keys and move into your home. It’s the final stage, and it could take only 24 hours if you are moving, it could take longer depending on your schedule.

Final Thoughts

How long it takes to buy a home in the UK depends on these processes. One thing a buyer should have in mind is their choice of solicitors and surveyors, while the seller has to choose a reputable estate agent. There are many variables to contend with and the time frame is only an estimate and both parties need to know the importance of choosing good professionals to make the process smooth and hassle free.

By Estate Agent Talk

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